TORRE PEDRERA certainly provides at least two practical advantages: it is quieter and safer than in Rimini. But at the same time, it is just minutes from the trendy resort of Italy and from all the attractions of the Adriatic Coast of Rimini.

The Adriatic coast of Romagna is famous worldwide for its sandy place to find all kinds of emotions. Lots of fun for a great holiday for everyone: for those who are traveling with family, who want to enjoy a quiet holiday by the couple, or those who want to live contrary to all the nightlife Romagna both day and night. And the Montmartre Apartments are located right on the seafront in Rimini at Torre Pedrera. From the terrace of your apartment you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea.

Rimini’s beaches are equipped with bathing establishments offer every kind of service: in addition to the classic and inevitable umbrellas with loungers for sunbathing, there are launge café to enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the promenade to get ice cream or just a snack a drink, and restaurants where you can dance with your feet in the sand. And for sports enthusiasts, there are tennis rackets, basketball, beach volleyball and bocce. Among the many events that the Riviera of Rimini offers, in fact, there are those sports: have now become a milestone in the Riviera Beach Games, the Olympics of beach games that allow you to enjoy sporting events of the highest level directly by the sea.

The promenade of Rimini with its beaches and with the multitude of events that has become an occasion to meet: born loves and friendships, memories of a memorable evening took place right on our coast. It is probably the very feature of the beach, made of fine golden sand, is preferred by all, especially families with children. The little ones are in fact on our waterfront areas in which to enjoy without ever stopping because in most of the bathing establishments there are areas equipped for them with games of all kinds.

The promenade of Torre Pedrera in particular onto which the Montmartre Apartments is particularly safe for when you want to take a bath: it is protected by rows of rocks that make the water safe and protected against sudden current. Is shallow and disgradanti and this feature has the rest of the Adriatic Sea, a swimming school itself for generations of swimmers, both Italian and foreign.

Above all, every beach is protected by a lifeguard who constantly watches over tourists and monitors the water to be a fundamental reference point, becoming often a friend.

For walkers there is nothing better than to enjoy the beach in the morning when the sun rises on the Adriatic Sea: moments in which colors and ideas come together in a unique atmosphere, because most of the tourists still sleeping and waterfront with its beaches are almost deserted. In the evening, offers unique moments of relaxation, when the day begins to fade and return the breeze with the enchanting sound of the sea.

Montmartre Apartments offer all this in a unique holiday because Montmartre Apartments are on the sea in Rimini.